The book is giving my interpretation of the four-thousand-year old myth that describes, in a poetical way, the emergence of civilization in a legendary location called Dilmun. That place used to be associated with a pre-biblical prototype of Genesis’ Garden of Eden. Its whereabouts have been debated since the deciphering of the cuneiform script more than a century ago. The answer to the question of where the blue-prints of creation came to be and how and by whom the design was realised, lies hidden in a proper reading of the myth. The protagonists of the story are of course Enki and Ninhursag and – maybe – Ninsikila, the pure maiden, waiting for father Enki to keep his promise to her.

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Free downloading: A corresponding (updated) article (2017) – summarizing my interpretation of the myth –  is free of restrictions on access (45 pages in pdf).